Social Responsibility


Of our strongest, most consistent policies is to move beyond the global standard of corporate social responsibility, whereby we wish to integrate our social and environmental concerns into our business operations.

ACS believes that parameters of social responsibility should be embedded, where appropriate, into its policies and practices to the benefit of its staff as well as the wider social community. While we continue to strive towards our goal of social development, we can esteem a significant body of social work. Our future strategies are directed towards social work as much as is to business endeavors.

“I believe that honesty and fairness for all employees is the secret to our success,” Mr. Masood Akbani says of his aims in business, “All you need is a vision, and you work towards it with dedication — you set a target, and strive to achieve that target.” ACS, since its inception in 2004, has worked towards being recognized as an organization that is transparent in its motivations, and ethical in all its dealings, while making a positive contribution to the community in which it operates. “It’s better to wrap up your business and leave than to be unethical in your business dealings. We deliver what we show and talk. If we don't have our morals, we don't have anything.”