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Quality Control


ACS maintains stringent quality control practices, and conducts computerized testing processes to determine yarn strength, hairiness, and durability. We maintain tests for cloth density and fastness of colors to guarantee consistency in our deliveries.

The quality control personnel conduct thorough inspection of goods at various stages of the manufacturing process to maintain international standards, and to screen out defective products at the onset.

ACS Textiles (BD) Ltd. Policies on Quality Control :


Provide consistent quality products and services with on-time delivery, to achieve, enhance, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Provide a safe and conducive working environment for employees, encourage their involvement, and implement innovative ideas in the never-ending effort to improve our products and services.
Minimize environmental impact through prevention of pollution, ensuring appropriate management of solid and liquid waste, and conserving natural resources.

Promote awareness and educate our employees, the community, and our suppliers of the importance of quality, and safety of our products and production process. The safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us, and we make sure our workforce understands and implements protocol.
Ensure continual improvement, and compliance with customer regulations, but also be mindful of relevant environmental legislative regulations.